1.Knowledge is power! Are you aware of any changes that may affect your property value?

  • Beach Erosion

  • Increase in beach taxes?
    Bay side homes $138.88 per $100,000 assessed value per year;   Interior homes $ 151.83 per $100,000 assessed value per year;  Gulf Front homes $182.22 per $100,000 assessed value per year.   The MSTU will ONLY be in effect for 7-10 years and then will be retired.

  • Any endangered species or special habitats that must be protected? 

  • Are you knowledgeable about the current and proposed flood zone?

  1. Make a lasting first impression!

    • Does your view to the gulf look stunning?

      • The view is what brings many to your listing but your home should give a first good impression and be presentable! 

      • Tips and Tricks to make your home showroom ready!

  2. Save yourself a headache - avoid closing hurdles!
    • Be proactive, hire a home inspector to identify any issues you might not be aware of before closing. The average cost for this service is $350 (dependent on sqft)    
       National Home Inspectors    NFHI Inspectors           

    •    4.    When hiring a real estate agent experience counts!
  1. Price it Right!